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Meet Tim: A New Face In Hull, MA

West Coast vs East Coast

After completing his degree in Southern, Ca., Tim and his dog Rondo decided to move back to New England. Needing to be close to work, Tim was renting in the North End for over a year. Quickly realizing he and his four legged friend needed more space, he decided he needed to get serious about his home search. 

Tim Decided It Was Time...

Readjusting to the brutal winter was difficult wasn't easy, and neither was finding a home. Tim had been using search sites like Zillow and Redfin while he was renting in Boston.  What he realized however was many of the homes he was looking at had been under contract or sold. 

"I felt like I was wasting a lot of time using Zillow.  It got to the point where I was angry when I find out the home had been sold." - Tim H. 

He had his eyes set on Hull, Ma. a harbor town just south of Boston where he went to college. The market was pretty low on inventory when he began getting serious in January and every time he found a home he would want to see - it had multiple offers that had been placed.  The problem was that Tim was finding out too late in the game. 

Then He Found "The One"

After months of diligently searching online and feeling lost, something happened.  Tim was on Facebook one Friday night and came across and unusual post in his News Feed.  It was what seemed like a real estate post about a home the was not yet on the market. He registered to see the property, and fell in love.  

Tim was determined to call the agent when he woke up! The next morning he was caught off guard when he had a text at 8:45am from Joe, the agent, asking if he had time to talk later about the property.  

He had never seen that type of follow up from ANY of the agents he had spoken to.  Tim texted back saying he could call him in 15 minutes. Joe suggested maybe the grab coffee and swing by the house if he had time that morning.  Tim loved the idea. He was not going to miss out again.

"I was wasting a lot of time using Zillow."  Tim H.

He Was Finally Home!

Tim had been the first to see this property that weekend, and he was quick to make an offer.  Joe had convinced Tim that writing a letter to the seller would be in his best interested. After a few days of reviewing, the seller decided on Tim's offer. He cited that his hand written letter had been a big factor in deciding as he too was a dog owner and had gone to colege in Hull.  

Tim was ecstatic!  He had spent so much time and energy when searching on other sites, and his dream home had basically dropped into his lap.  Joe had told Tim about his Facebook advertising strategy earlier when they first met and Tim did not think too much of it.  However, Joe had been connecting buyer's and seller's for years using this social strategy.  

Tim was at the finish line.  He had set up movers and had family over for move-in day.  Little did he know that Joe was also going to stop by, bearing gifts.  He had gotten Tim a small "beer fridge" as they had shared a taste for good craft beer, and a few toys for Rondo.  Tim was blown away.  He was forever grateful on Joe's prompt service, straightforwardness and intuition about the process.  

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