Meet Matt

Meet Matt. He’s the team leader of Matt Lloyd Realty in Simsbury, CT. After taking a hiatus from being a real estate agent, Matt returned to the business with a commitment to being the leader in his area.

Matt found himself at a turning point. He knew he needed a marketing plan that would help him gain a competitive edge while producing results from Facebook and other marketing strategies.

He was actively using Facebook as part of his marketing plan for listings with some success but with one small problem —  those leads from Facebook weren’t being followed-up with. Plus, Matt was using boosted posts on Facebook, but not getting the ROI he wanted.

“I didn’t really know why I wasn’t getting results, or what was working and what wasn’t with my marketing. I was putting a lot of time into trying to figure it all out, time which would have been better spent following up with leads and working with my clients.”

Matt Decides It’s Time To Put His Foot on the Gas

He’d been following the Curaytor founders, Chris and Jimmy for years, and knew many agents using the company’s services who were raving fans.

“I needed to put some high octane gas in my business so I could run it at a high-level; no more trying to figure it out on my own. Curaytor was the only solution that I was confident would deliver the results I was looking for.”

Matt had tried other solutions in the past, including purchasing leads, but those left him competing with other agents and without much control over the outcome. 

Once Matt started working with Curaytor he found the missing key to his marketing — a complete and proactive system for generating new leads and following up with them.  

The Curaytor Marketer program enabled Matt to create a marketing approach where he’s built his own database and can make things happen. “I’m not depending on anyone else now, I’m going out there and actively pursuing my buyers and sellers. Now I’m in the driver’s seat.”

High Octane Marketing Results

After six months in the Curaytor Marketer program, Matt has gotten his business to a point where his marketing is proactive, he’s saving valuable time on a daily basis and best of all, he’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to growing his business.

“I’ve realized that I’m an agent, not a marketer. I was spending so much time trying to figure out details. Instead of losing hours each week trying to understand the ins and outs of a Facebook campaign, I’m able to pass it off to my marketer at Curaytor and it’s handled. Now, I’m able to focus on what I do best — helping people buy and sell their homes — and I don’t have to worry about the rest.”

By proactively focusing on inbound marketing, Matt and his team have been able to sign more sellers each month and significantly increase the number of buyer leads generated from each listing.

For example, Matt’s database has grown by 3x since starting work with Curaytor, adding nearly 4,000 new leads to his list in a six month period. (It took six years of Matt doing this on his own to hit the 2,000 mark!)

Those results are just the start of Matt’s high octane marketing.

“With our Facebook campaigns we easily get results that are 5x what they were before. Now when I sit down with potential sellers, I have a powerful marketing plan with metrics from past campaigns that shows them exactly what I can do for them. My numbers consistently blow the competition out of the water and this ensures sellers list with me.”

Matt says that Curaytor has helped him grow his business in a way he didn’t even know was possible and he’s excited about how today’s marketing will drive results in the months and years to come.  

He can’t recommend Curaytor enough and he’s a raving fan that tells everyone about the company. When asked why, Matt shared this, “If you view your business as a true business and want growth, working with Curaytor is a complete no-brainer. I can’t recommend them enough, especially as I know they are helping me lead my market and achieve my business goals now, and for years to come.”

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